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Welcome to your lean journey...

Nikolaus Correll
July 22, 2021

Welcome to your lean journey...

…and becoming a force of change in your organization to increase flow. Becoming “lean” is not the job of a single person in your organization, but involves everyone, from the line-worker to the CEO and the marketing and sales departments. Being lean is about identifying opportunities to do more with less to increase customer value, and tremendous benefits can be obtained by keeping your eyes open, implement simple changes, often at no cost, and eventually intelligently using software, intelligent sensors and robotics to reduce management overhead. There are many books about “lean” that are very academic. While the science behind “lean” can be quite complicated, “lean” is also a lot of common sense. This is the focus of this blog. Have fun and keep making things!

  1. Motivating example - unloading your dishwasher
  2. The seven deadly wastes
  3. The five steps to lean
  4. Lean in a team
  5. Lean and automation
Nikolaus Correll

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