ROI  Calculator

Use our ROI Calculator below to find out exactly how much you can save by using the core features of Optio.

*All calculations are based on a 40h work week or 2080h working hours per year. Increase the number of employees accordingly if you are running shifts.


WIP tracking

Time saved every day to track down orders: 15  min

* Our customers save on average 30 min per worker per day not having to walk the floor and track down orders, as well as improved communication between production and sales. WIP Tracking is also at the core of all other features below. 


Production scheduling

Efficiency increase: 20%

Our customers report from 20% to 60% increase (average 40%) in lead-time reduction and efficiency as workers self-allocate work in a pull system vs. being manually scheduled. 

Dashboard interface

Work instructions

Hours saved: 15 %

Industry standards are 15-35% improvement in saved labor hours by providing better work instructions. 


Real-time reporting

Lost revenue to scrap: $1,200,000
Improved scrap rate: 30%

Industry standards are 30-50% reduction of defects by using work instructions and real-time defect reporting and rework management. 

Potential Savings: